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Success Through Preparation

"Uninformed investment decisions and poor personal finance management can create a disaster. Many will continue to take it all in stride, go with the flow – but if you’re one of those people who hate being unprepared – we’re here to help."

Think back – can you remember a time when you just weren’t prepared for something?  Maybe it was an important exam in high school or college – or maybe it was some professor calling on you to answer a question during class.  Perhaps it was competing in some athletic event, or maybe a job interview or presentation at work. Maybe you took it all in stride – just went with the flow, or just maybe you felt angry and embarrassed and wished you’d had a second chance.  It took that one bad experience, and you just hated it – the feeling of being unprepared.

People always ask us about the types of clients we work with – if we have an area of specialization, demographic or niche.  Of course, there are many firms and financial institutions that specialize in retirement or working with senior citizens.  There are others that work strictly with divorced women, or single parents – and still others that specialize in high net-worth individuals, business owners, executives or physicians.   When answering this question, we respond by saying that we do have an area of specialization - but it has less to do with age, gender, net worth or line of work – and more to do with a single character trait.

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"We specialize in working with people who just hate being unprepared."

Consider the following:

  • Preparing for the future – An all too familiar phrase, yet very few take the time to do it.  Perhaps that’s because people don’t know how – or they just don’t believe they need to.  A realistic, coordinated game plan for the future can help increase your chance of success.

  • Preparing to make informed financial decisions – Simply stated, most people are just not prepared.

  • Preparing a sensible investment strategy – A sensible investment strategy is based on realistic, quantifiable financial goals and seeks to manage/minimize risk while controlling investment costs.

  • Preparing to protect your interests – As an investor and active participant in the financial services industry - coming to the realization that your interests (doing what’s best for you and your family) may at times be in direct conflict with the interests of larger financial institutions, and the advisors that sell their products

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