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Our Commitment

Many years ago, I awoke early one morning to find my dad sitting alone at the kitchen table. He looked out the window and seemed consumed in thought - so I sat down beside him, said good morning, and asked if everything was ok. He turned toward me with a smile and said everything was fine – that he had just been thinking about how much it would mean (to him) to help me pay for college someday. Although I was just a young boy, I could sense something very different in his voice, the expression on his face – the look in his eyes. He was talking about money in a way I hadn’t heard before – he was talking about it in an emotional way.

As a young man, Dad enrolled in City College but eventually had to leave to support his family.  For many years in New York City's garment district, he worked as a salesman - a very competitive and tough line of work. He was up before sunrise every morning for that long trek into Manhattan, and during all those years, I can't ever recall him missing a day of work. Years later, I received my college degree, and Dad was able to help with the cost. The day following my graduation and on his way into Manhattan the following day - I'm sure he held his head a little higher and smiled a little wider. He's long since passed, but I'll always be grateful - and I'll never forget that morning. 

When our clients look to us for advice or rely on our judgment for critical financial matters, we know that it's not just about the money. Money is much more than something we use to buy the things we want or need - it's a conduit for hopes, wishes, and dreams - and quite often a symbol of hard work and personal sacrifice. We believe this requires special recognition and respect, so we make a commitment to each and every client to do our very best to approach their financial needs with the special care and attention it deserves.

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