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What is your life going to look like in 20 years? It's sometimes difficult to think about the future but you can PLAN for it. Through my financial musings titled "Let's Make Sense", I try to provide readers with insight into the financial world so they can be prepared. Interested? Click below to read our latest newsletter.

September 15, 2014

Six Keys to Smart Investing

Being a great stock picker might make you skillful (or perhaps even lucky), but it doesn’t necessarily translate to smart investing. So what’s smart investing?

June 19, 2013

Your Money - Your Interests

Is your advisor acting solely in your best interest? What exactly does this mean – and does it really matter?

February 17, 2013

Is Today's Employee Getting the Short End of the Stick?

Remember the 40 hour work week? How about pay raises and job security – or pension plans and comprehensive medical benefits? Times have changed – and so has the employer – employee relationship.

February 15, 2013

Sensible Investing - Become Cost Conscious

Would you ever consider buying something without knowing exactly what it was going to cost? Read our newsletter to find out other things you should consider.

February 15, 2013

Getting Advice to Buy a Variable Deferred Annuity? - Not So Fast.

Have you recently received advice to buy a variable deferred annuity? There is a lot to think about - and read - to make sure you are getting what you will be paying for.

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A little over 25 years ago, I began a great love affair with a country across the Atlantic - Italy. It's a place where the senses truly come alive - a place where life seems to slow down just enough so that you really feel like you're living! Click below to read our latest "Speaking of Italy" newsletters to read about my journey.

August 25, 2015

Pizza Night at La Cuccagna

My wife Marion and I are guests at a farmhouse retreat called La Cuccagna (land of plenty) just outside the ancient town of Gubbio. It’s situated in the Italian countryside with panoramic views of rolling hills that never seem to end. The farmhouse has been meticulously restored by the owners Sal and Sarah making it the perfect stay for travelers seeking a peaceful and serene getaway.

April 04, 2014

A Street Corner in Rome

When I think about cities in Italy, the first place that usually comes to mind is Rome. If you’re traveling to the country for the first time, consider making it your first stop because it provides a great indoctrination to the history, art and culture.

October 06, 2013

Lost in the Moment – An Umbrian Olive Grove

Italy has plenty to offer the discerning traveler – history, culture, art, fantastic cuisine and wine!  What makes this country truly special though - are the life-long memories you take back when you return home!

June 19, 2013

A Visit with Saint Ubaldo

Ubaldus Baldassini was appointed bishop of Gubbio in 1129 – he was a kind man who spoke of peace and forgiveness.  It was written that he once left the safe confines of the city walls hoping to thwart an impending attack.  He convinced the would-be aggressors to lay down their arms and saved the town from being destroyed - but while he was gone the city erupted into chaos fearing he had been killed.

February 17, 2013

Civita di Bagnoregio - A Walk in the Clouds

Italy’s quintessential hill-top town is located just 60 miles northwest of Rome.  Medieval Civita di Bagnoregio is perched high up on a hill over-looking the Tiber River Valley in the Lazio region. 

February 15, 2013

Introduction and Passeggiatta

My greatest love is, and will always be my wonderful wife Marion – until my last breath. But a little over 25 years ago I began another great love affair - with a country across the Atlantic – Italy.

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