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Life Goals Tracking and Investment Management

What’s the point of investing your money without financial goals – and how will you know if you’re staying on track? What if your goals change – will you still have an effective investment program? Are your investments too risky – or not risky enough? What good is investing for retirement, if you get there only to discover that how you invested your money has not provided what you need? If you’re going to invest – it needs to be done the right way!


We’re convinced that there are 3 keys to successful investing:


  1. The creation of a “game plan” for achieving quantifiable life goals (Life Goals Plan)

  2. The development of a sensible investment program designed to help achieve those goals

  3. The continuous monitoring and crosschecking of life goals and your investments to make sure you’re on track.


By the way, sensible investing begins with determining how much return on investment you need to get you what you want – to achieve your life goals. The idea then is to develop an investment strategy that seeks to achieve this desired return while minimizing the amount of risk – not increasing it.

Certified financial planner

All investment accounts are monitored on a weekly basis so our clients can feel comfortable that their money is being watched. All Life Goal Tracking and Investment Management clients also receive ongoing advice related to other important areas of personal finance.

We believe that Life Goals Tracking and Investment Management give our clients the best chance to succeed. It also requires a lot of work, preparation and continuous effort on our part – so for this reason we believe it’s one of the most cost effective, valuable offerings in the industry. Life Goals Tracking and Investment Management include:


  • the development of a personalized Life Goals Plan that’s updated each and every year

  • the development of a sensible investment program tied directly to your Life Goals Plan – and one that you’ll feel comfortable with

  • ongoing monitoring of investments and cross-checking with your life goals to make sure you’re on track

  • recommended changes to your investments (if needed) that are carried out only with your approval

  • update meetings (office and/or virtual) that best fit your schedule and needs

  • unlimited access to our firm for independent, objective advice related to all other areas of your personal finances

  • priority call-back and superior service

  • an industry advocate dedicated to your needs – and one that you can count on at all times

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